Monday, September 16, 2019

Young At Heart

Oh lord it’s the second day in a row that I’m referencing a Frank song. But hey, it was one of my dad’s favorite artists and it’s fitting of my sentiment at the moment.

Diving into the frigid waters of Samir beach today in Vigo Spain was something I’d do as a kid... “just because”.  The water was freezing and the outside air temperature wasn’t exactly conducive to taking a dip in frigid waters. But when you’re a kid, that doesn’t matter. You want to do those kind of things... just because.

After getting back from the beach, I dragged our crew up to the top deck of the ship to the water slide. It’s pretty massive, especially for a cruise ship. But I wanted to go on it... just because. Andrew and I ventured up first. I have to be honest,  the higher we climbed, the faster my heart began to race (and it wasn’t because of my stair workout). No, I was thinking “What the hell did I get myself into?” I looked out over the railing and said to Andrew “Wow... this is far up.’ And he kind of nervously laughed and said “Yeah, we’re pretty high up aren’t we.” But just like the resolve I felt in the cold water that morning, there was no way I was turning back now. My pride wouldn’t allow it! As we got to the top and the guy told us what to do so we didn’t hurt ourselves, I started thinking, “Oh my god what am I doing?? Maybe I’m too old for this!”  Right before I climbed into my tube, I turned to Andrew and said, “You scared?” He said “Yea, a little” and I said “Me too.” And we high fived and went for it. And I laughed the entire way down like a silly little girl. When I got to the bottom, I convinced Lynda she had to do it with me, she was unsure. But I got her to “give it a go” as the Brits like to say, and up  we went.

And when we got to the bottom, like me, she was laughing like a kid, and then it was Lynda who begged me to do it one more time.

So sometimes you just have days where you need to let your inner child come out and do things... just because.

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