Monday, September 23, 2019

Sea Day or Sick Day?

You know it’s a rough day at sea when the barf bags are hanging from the ships’ stairwells. So far, I have yet to witness anyone using them, but let’s see what happens later this evening, after everyone’s had a few cocktails. As for me, I don’t get seasick or any kind of motion sickness thankfully. But I guess there’s always a first time and let’s hope it’s not aboard the Independence of the Seas!

Truth be told, I’ve kind of enjoyed the ship rocking back and forth. I found it comforting when I was trying to sleep last night. Perhaps it brought back memories of my mom rocking me to sleep as a child? Nah. I doubt I even had a crib that “rocked”. But I do like being on the water and the movement of it makes me feel peaceful.

Fast forward to this morning, when we arrived a bit later than usual to the upstairs dining room (known on all Royal Caribbean related ships as “The Windjammer Café”) and discovered they were already putting breakfast away a half hour ahead of schedule. Let’s just say Mother Laura and I were not pleased about this, and our cabin number was taken by one of the captains of the waitstaff. On the other hand, I get it. No one wants to stay late when no one is coming in to eat. But the dining room was PACKED and people were still enjoying their breakfasts. Do you really think breaking down the buffet thirty minutes ahead of schedule was the appropriate thing to do? Especially since we are “at sea” and literally have nowhere to go? I think not. Okay, I admit I am on a soapbox here, but working in the industry makes me more sensitive to these types of behaviors… or misbehaviors.

What does our breakfast debacle have to do with the barf bags? Dunno. Hopefully nothing, unless  unless the kitchen is planning something dastardly in retaliation for this morning. Here’s to hoping for a pleasant dinner experience!

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