Saturday, September 21, 2019

Three Coins In The Fountain

Or in this case, make it one. Thanks, mom, for the coin toss. As an artist, I’m all about wishes. Wishing for roles, wishing for the right words in my writing, wishing that the right feelings come out at the exact moment I need them for a scene. I probably make a wish on something at LEAST once a day. And I’m okay with that. Wishes to me are tied to hope. And personally, I don’t want to live without either. You just have to make sure both are channeled into the right place or else you end up in Fantasy Land (which is great for a day, but not a place I want to spend my life)!

So today was about bigger wishes than usual. It doesn’t really matter what they were about. Just that they were important. I came across that fountain on our way back to the ship. It was so random and unexpected that I offhandedly asked my mom to make a wish. I mean, why not? What could it hurt? But then everything turned around right after that coin was tossed in such a way that I have to wonder, was it really random? People always tease me about my steadfast belief in things happening for a reason, and today’s coin toss shows me I’m not so silly as they think.

So… as I sit on my balcony, feeling the warmth of the late afternoon sun on my face and the peaceful sound of the waves, I want to say thank you, and be grateful for this moment.

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