Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Next Stop Where?

Welcome to Tram #28, supposedly the Mac Daddy tram that takes you all over Lisbon. Both tourists and locals alike use it to get around the city. And trust me, you don’t want to get around by foot. The hills are so steep, it makes a stairmaster look tame in comparison. The tram makes all those silly lists of “Things You Must Do In Lisbon”. The problem was finding it. We hopped on a different tram that was supposed to take us to Tram #28, and a french guy told us we had to get off at his stop. He’s chatting away with us the whole ride and everything seems fine. But as the french guy’s stop approaches, we ask him how to get to Tram #28 and he responds “Oh, I don’t know what that is.” (Imagine the french accent – it makes it all the more comical.) Ummmm… what? Did I misunderstand his English or his accent when he told us we had to get off at his stop? Dunno, but we were lost again.

A local started pointing in too many different directions for me to keep track of, so we finally decided to take a taxi to the tram. I know, I know. We totally took a taxi so we could then take public transportation. Go figure. Remember the not-to-be-missed lists I mentioned earlier!

We finally found the tram, and I must say, it was nice to ride a piece of history and take in all the sights of the city. We caught a glimpse of our ship from the tram (the gigantic water slide is hard to miss) and we figured it was a sign our ride was over. Just in time too. Those trams certainly shake, rattle and roll! We wandered downhill, through the streets of Lisbon and even hit a stand where we could try Ginha, a cherry liqueur that is local to the area. (It was delicious!)

Today was one of those days where you just had to “go with the flow” as Andrew said because from one moment to the next, I wasn’t sure where we were going to end up. But I guess as long as we made it back to the ship before it sailed out, that’s all that matters. And check out this view as we headed back out to sea:

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