Saturday, September 22, 2018

One More Sangria (Or Gelato) For The Road!

Seriously, the sangria has been absolutely divine EVERYWHERE. I wish I could sneak some onto the plane in my coffee thermos tomorrow and sip it all the way back to America! Sigh… if only. So here we are… sitting on our rooftop on our last day in Barcelona (as well as our vacation). It’s so hard when a trip comes to an end, but we can honestly say it’s been our best one so far. We’ve met so many fabulous people along the way who made our trip so very special, and they need to be named. Cindy & Steve, Helen & Jerry, Linda & Andrew, Lucy & Rick, Angela & Frank, Patrick & Renee… thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are all such beautiful and kind people and we are grateful you spent time with us on our third annual mother/daughter extravaganza!

Speaking of extravaganzas… we decided on the next adventure, we need to incorporate some downtime at the end to simply sit down and do NOTHING. Meaning, no sightseeing or rushing to squeeze every ounce of culture into our bodies. And if it means we need to do an even LONGER vacation next year to make that happen, then all the better! And hey all the aforementioned people, if you feel like joining us on our travels, you are absolutely welcome!

So where should we go? Iceland/Denmark is on the table but as more people tell us that it rains, like A LOT, I’m thinking “Meh.” If I want grey weather, I can just go to London (which I adore for the record). Australia/New Zealand perhaps? Hmmm… it’s something like a 24 hour plane flight so they might have to hook up an I.V. That delivers bloody mary’s directly into my veins to get me through that long of a ride. (And my mom might need two Xanax instead of her normal one.) Then there’s always Alaska, which I have been told is absolutely lovely to behold. And my mom’s family might even join us which would make it extra fun. Or maybe it’s back to Europe again to absorb even more of its history because, truth be told, I can never get enough of Europe. There’s just so much to do and see and we’re both keen to see Croatia even though neither of us watch “Game of Thrones”. Wherever we go, I just have to make sure that there’s a beautiful beach in Greece at the tail end of the trip. Mykonos anyone? Or Crete perhaps? (If my mother has her way, we’ll end up in Santorini.)

As for today, we still managed to walk four miles despite our best efforts to slow down. We successfully navigated our way out of a labyrinth made up of 750 meters of cypress trees. It was super fun, though my mom came very close to crawling through a hole in one of the hedges and cheating her way out of the maze! (Of course I wouldn’t allow someone who was once an elementary school teacher to behave in such an underhanded manner.) We also saw a hospital designed by the same fellow who designed the Palau de la Música Catalana I spoke of yesterday. Remember him? Okay I’ll remind you—Lluís Domènech i Montaner—the name just rolls right off the tongue. Or not. Maybe that’s why Gaudí is more well known. His name is just easier to say! ANYwhooo… the hospital was yet another spectacular accomplishment by Montaner. Don’t worry, Gaudí, we still love you best. There’s room in our hearts to admire both of your geniuses. Check out my photos and you’ll see that if you’re ever sick, this is the place to do it in. Too bad it closed in 2009 and is now a museum whose primary purpose is to gauge money off silly tourists like us with their exorbitant admission fees.  (And we’d gladly pay it again.)

On a final note, we DID  have paella last night. Sadly, it was still a bit underwhelming. I think tonight we’ll just try to find some tapas we can somehow agree on and let it go at that. We love you, Barcelona. Perhaps we can find the ultimate paella on our next journey here.

And back to journeys, feel free to weigh in on where you think we should go next! Inquiring minds want to know. See you all back in the states!

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